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The Surprising World of Plants
From the rotten-smelling titan arum to
the carnivorous Venus flytrap, readers
learn fascinating facts about plants in this nonfiction book. Detailed
photographs bring the plants to life. Steck-Vaughn (November 1, 2002) The Secret of Jeanne Baret: Study Guide for ELA and Social Studies
This guide offers a variety of questions and activities to support teaching of this novel. Teachers may use all or parts of the questions and activities to meet needs and grade requirements. 

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 6, 2014) Think About Guns in America 
(The Think Series)
Discusses gun control in an even-handed manner, focusing on issues such as ownership and use of guns, gun history, gun violence, gun safety, and gun laws. Walker & Co (February 1992) The Holocaust: 
Understanding and Remembering
Explores one of the most terrifying periods in world history. The book includes accounts of survivors and rescuers, offering inspiration and hope. Enslow Publishers (July 1996) The Secret of Jeanne Baret
This is a true untold story of the first woman ever to circumnavigate the Earth. In 1767, Jeanne Baret disguised herself as a boy and went as a botanist's assistant aboard a ship bound for the South Pacific. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 25, 2014) Steck-Vaughn Power Up!: Leveled Readers Grades 6–8 Saving the Zog
In this science fiction story, Sasha puts herself into danger by going against Pod Rules to help a stranger. Steck-Vaughn (November 1, 2002) Tales from Gull Island
What can a coyote, thunder, and a rabbit teach four teens on a survival outing? Read this story to find out. Steck-Vaughn (November 1, 2002) She's Just TOO FUNNY!
This story follows the misadventures of a studious girl whose mission to "get really really funny" during school vacation is too successful. Hidden lessons about main idea and theme are woven into the fabric of the story. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 12, 2014) Steck-Vaughn Power Up!: Leveled Readers Grades 6–8 War Torn
Luis and Elisa are feeling sorry for themselves. They miss their mom, and life is tough with her away. Mom's letters from Bosnia help them see the world in a different way. Steck-Vaughn (November 1, 2003) BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY
Coming Soon THE PRINCE OF TAHITI tells the story of a Tahitian chieftain who joins De Bougainville on the Boudeuse, ends up in Paris, and discovers that the wide world is not as it had seemed from his island paradise. (Volume 2 of The Bougainville Expedition continues where Jeanne Baret's tale left off.) BEWARE OF FIVE tells what happened after a boy named Meesha cried, "The emperor has no clothes!" (Middle School Chapter Book) ELEPHANT IN THE MOON is based on a true historical event: In 1650 London, a prominent astronomer observed an elephant roaming the moon. His discovery created a sensation throughout Europe. And then the truth was revealed: A tiny mouse had slipped inside the astronomer’s telescope and been mistaken for extra-terrestrial life. (Picture story book) TCHAICATSKY is the story of a boy who loves baseball, his piano-prodigy cat, and the schemes that get the boy into a litter-load of trouble. (Picture story book)
About The Author Helen Strahinich started out as a teacher in Boston, but quickly turned to writing. "Over the past twenty-five years, I wrote hundreds of nonfiction..." READ MORE
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Building Background Helen has created a presentation for The Secret of Jeanne Baret to give teachers and students visuals and history... SEE VIDEO