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About the Author "I started out as a teacher in the Boston Public Schools. After an adventurous two years, I became a reading specialist and worked as a supervisor/teacher at the Reading Institute of Boston. A move to NYC led to a career in education publishing, mostly as a freelance writer. Over the past twenty-five years, I wrote hundreds of nonfiction articles, short stories, novellas, and poems for children and young adults. I also published two YA nonfiction books, one on the Holocaust (with Enslow Publishers in 1996) and the other on guns and gun control (with Walker Company in 1992). Both books were big sellers that received rave reviews. Recently, I started my own publishing venture, Read/Learn Press. Our first book was a novel, THE SECRET OF JEANNE BARET, the story of the first woman ever to circumnavigate the earth. In 1767, Jeanne Baret disguised herself as a boy and signed up as botanist's assistant aboard an exploration ship bound for the South Pacific. I spent over a decade researching and revising before I was satisfied that the book was ready for publication. In 2014, I started meeting with students in the greater Boston area (my hometown). I presented a variety of book talks at schools and libraries that included dramatic readings, a mini-globe route-map activity, and sometimes (at teacher's request) an academic activity. For small groups, I offered a workshop on building model frigate—labor-intensive on my end but lots of fun. And I now have a PowerPoint presentation to orient YAs to the life and times of Jeanne Baret. A new STUDY GUIDE offers teachers a variety of activities and questions aligned to the Common Core Standards. The second publication from Read/Learn Press was SHE'S JUST TOO FUNNY, for younger students. The story follows the misadventures of a studious girl whose mission to "get really, really funny" during school vacation is too successful. During my author visits, I started out by getting students thinking about the difference between jokes that are funny and jokes that are mean. This topic led to interesting discussions about bullying. Then we had some fun as kids learned and told jokes. Read/Learn Press's latest publication is THE HOLOCAUST: NEVER FORGET. This book introduces YAs to the most terrible catastrophe in modern history, the Nazi genocide of six- million Jews and six-million non-Jews from other victimized groups. It is an updated, revised edition of my original book on the Holocaust. It contains new features, new photographs, new survivor testimony, and new back matter. A STUDY GUIDE will be available in August, 2015. I'm also working on a PowerPoint presentation, as part of a program to be offered at schools, libraries, and religious groups in the fall of 2015. When I'm not working in my office or in my garden or visiting a school or library, I'm spending time with my husband John, four cats, a turtle, and our Chihuahua named Lola."
About The Author Helen Strahinich started out as a teacher in Boston, but quickly turned to writing. "Over the past twenty-five years, I wrote hundreds of nonfiction..." READ MORE
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Building Background Helen has created a presentation for The Secret of Jeanne Baret to give teachers and students visuals and history... SEE VIDEO